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Exclusive with Chang Shana: Sketching the past for the future

2024-05-24 (chinadaily.com.cn)

Early this month, the Exhibition of Chang Shana's Eighty Years of Art and Design opened in Beijing to an eagerly anticipating crowd. With over 400 exhibits, including Chang's exquisite reproductions of the Dunhuang murals, the exhibition is a showcase of the lifelong achievements of the 94-year-old artist and scholar of Dunhuang art.

Chang was born in France to her father Chang Shuhong, the founding director of Dunhuang Academy. At the age of 12, she followed her father into the caves of Dunhuang and learned to sketch and paint the murals. Since then, her life and career have been immersed in Dunhuang culture. Thanks to people like Chang, the ancient colors and patterns of past were unearthed to embellish modern designs and get the protection and preservation they fully deserve.

In an exclusive interview with China Daily, the legendary figure, who has lived through the changes of the century, shared with us her bond with art of the past. Watch the video to find out more.